Monday, December 27, 2010


The History Channel runs a series of superhero technology. They get the comic creators to explain the fantasy and then scientist will say if it's plausible for me it is like a childhood conversation with other comic fans. My favorite part is when the creator talks about his character. Stan Lee being the best. His voice is so iconic and brings back memories of Saturday morning watching cartoons. He always talks about his characters with such conviction. He treats them just like his children.

I find it funny that when I was a kid we were looked down upon for reading comics. Now comics characters are the most popular movie genre. Much like the people who made fun of us for reading comics these same ass hats flock to the movie theater to watch them come to life on the screen because of their want to fit in with the masses. Since they only know the picture and have no idea about the history of the character we are made to sit and watch some bastardized version of our favorite characters. Tim Burton being the worst culprit of them all. I will bash his ass in a minute.

Comics were a great escape for me when I was younger. I learned a lot from them vocabulary, history, culture, and morals. I still love them today and one of my resolutions is to start collecting them again. Mind you not in the fervor I did as a kid but with the responsibility of an adult(I reread this and found it funny). I still have a great comic collection that I have stashed away in the closet boarded and bagged. Every year I think of selling them then I remember how much fun it was to read them and I don't.

Batman is my favorite comic character. Quite possibly the greatest character concept ever. He is just a man with the will of a titan. I have been reading him for years. I wear a Batman rash guard when I do martial arts. Honestly I wanted to be an FBI agent because of him but changed my career when I found out I was going to have a child. He strives to be a better man and works to improve things around him. The lore and legend surrounding him makes for so much fun when reading.

This is why Tim Burton should have been beaten with a baseball bat hit with a semi truck then dropped off the Empire State building. The Adam West version was fun to watch as a kid and was made for children. Burton tried to make a version for the masses with Micheal Keaton. Keaton while being an extraordinary actor was not meant to be Batman or more importantly Bruce Wayne. Glasses, a turtle neck, and curly hair I mean come on really that's a millionaire playboy with separation issues. I don't even want to get into the Joe Chill being the Joker. Actually everyone involved in that movie needed a good beating. The rest of that series I am not going to mention because it makes me so mad and I want to bash my computer.

I wish more people would have put more time in reading and knowing a little of the history of the figures that are being blasted on the movie screen. This way we could at least have the right version of the character being presented.