Monday, December 27, 2010


The History Channel runs a series of superhero technology. They get the comic creators to explain the fantasy and then scientist will say if it's plausible for me it is like a childhood conversation with other comic fans. My favorite part is when the creator talks about his character. Stan Lee being the best. His voice is so iconic and brings back memories of Saturday morning watching cartoons. He always talks about his characters with such conviction. He treats them just like his children.

I find it funny that when I was a kid we were looked down upon for reading comics. Now comics characters are the most popular movie genre. Much like the people who made fun of us for reading comics these same ass hats flock to the movie theater to watch them come to life on the screen because of their want to fit in with the masses. Since they only know the picture and have no idea about the history of the character we are made to sit and watch some bastardized version of our favorite characters. Tim Burton being the worst culprit of them all. I will bash his ass in a minute.

Comics were a great escape for me when I was younger. I learned a lot from them vocabulary, history, culture, and morals. I still love them today and one of my resolutions is to start collecting them again. Mind you not in the fervor I did as a kid but with the responsibility of an adult(I reread this and found it funny). I still have a great comic collection that I have stashed away in the closet boarded and bagged. Every year I think of selling them then I remember how much fun it was to read them and I don't.

Batman is my favorite comic character. Quite possibly the greatest character concept ever. He is just a man with the will of a titan. I have been reading him for years. I wear a Batman rash guard when I do martial arts. Honestly I wanted to be an FBI agent because of him but changed my career when I found out I was going to have a child. He strives to be a better man and works to improve things around him. The lore and legend surrounding him makes for so much fun when reading.

This is why Tim Burton should have been beaten with a baseball bat hit with a semi truck then dropped off the Empire State building. The Adam West version was fun to watch as a kid and was made for children. Burton tried to make a version for the masses with Micheal Keaton. Keaton while being an extraordinary actor was not meant to be Batman or more importantly Bruce Wayne. Glasses, a turtle neck, and curly hair I mean come on really that's a millionaire playboy with separation issues. I don't even want to get into the Joe Chill being the Joker. Actually everyone involved in that movie needed a good beating. The rest of that series I am not going to mention because it makes me so mad and I want to bash my computer.

I wish more people would have put more time in reading and knowing a little of the history of the figures that are being blasted on the movie screen. This way we could at least have the right version of the character being presented.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Being a dad

I am sitting at Applebees waiting for food and I was looking at my kids in my photos. I got all emotional because I do not have them here with me. I love my children to the point I would kill someone for hurting them. I am not joking I would hunt you down like a dog and inflict the worst pain you ever felt if you messed with my children.

As I am looking at the pics I realize just how ill-equipped I am as a father. I never had a good role model for a dad. I had 5 step fathers so trust me when I say I had enough bad examples. My current step dad is a nice guy but I meet him when I was 17 and left home at 18. He is a great guy and I am happy my kids call him Papa by he wasn't an influence growing up.

My biggest influence was my high school electronics teacher, Mr Wayne Fruge. I spent more time with him in 4 years than anyone else. He was the main reason I went into teaching and still I hope to be as good of a teacher as him.

My son is 17 now and I think I did an ok job raising him. He is turning into a fine young man and I am proud of him. I just wish I could do more for him. Unfortunately I decided to be a school teacher.

Well my food is here and I just hope that the most important job I have been taxed with I do not fail.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


In an effort to make some things better I am going to begin writing a blog and see how it goes. I do not know how this will go or how it will turn out but I think that it is best to start chronically things to help make some sense of it.

I guess I can start with the gym. I am a martial arts instructor. While this is not my full time job I associate myself as such more so than as a school teacher which I do as my main job. The teaching job we can talk about later and I will more than likely rant about it many times. I am currently a Judo BB and BJJ purple belt. I enjoy the title of instructor at Gladiators Academy of Lafayette under Tim Creduer. I get to train all aspects of people in martial arts from the accountants to professional fighters. I really enjoy this part of my day.

I think there is something about putting on the judogi and tying my belt that gets me in the right mindset. I know not many people can understand this but I have a great affinity for role as an instructor. The responsibility that comes with teaching people is something I cherish. I feel great satisfaction when I see one of my students perform a move that I taught them. The process of putting on my judogi is the start of it for me. Its a uniform and I think that from my time in the Marines the wearing of a uniform held an important significance.

In the Marines we were expected to be a textbook version of a Marine when in uniform. Everything had to be in a certain place and wore in a certain manner. A judogi can not be pressed and ironed but it still can be presentable. I make sure that the judogi I wear is clean and not foul smelling. I take great care when tying my belt to ensure both ends are the same length and my name and the judo kanji are facing outward. My BB has become worn and is starting to fade. I think of all the time it has been around my waist and the amount of work that has gone into earning and keeping that belt and it makes me smile to think I can still wear it.

The next best feeling is when my feet hit the mat. That cushioned vinyl surface absorbs all of life problems and makes me feel at home. Aches, pains, worries and concerns are all just gone once I feel it under my feet. Its the best therapy.

I will finish with a story.

I was in Japan at the Kodokan on a visit to see my wife's family. If you ever get the chance to go to Japan please do so. As I was going up the stairs to the main training hall I passed a couple of older judoka in thier 60s with canes making their way up to the dojo. They could barely make it up the steps. After we bow in the older guys began randori, sparring. No warm up no stretching they just grabbed each other and began to move.

They started off foot sweeping each other over and over. It was beautiful technique. They would throw each other with umph to it. After each throw the would laugh get up and sweep the other one to the mat. Then they began to throw each other in hip tosses and seoi nages. I could hear them hit the mat from halfway across the room. I would look over thinking someone just got KTFO and it was those 2 old men. They would laugh and get right back at it. They keep it up for about 20 minutes then sat down. I am thinking that they were done for the day. Nope. They then started with the younger guys and would foot sweep, toss them and most impressively completely stop the younger guys technique with a simple hip check or just embarrassingly counter them.

I am sitting there in between rounds of randori marveling at these 2 old men who could barely make it up the steps and were using canes to get around get on the tatami and destroy people. I am glad to have witnessed it that day and hope that one day I will be fortunate enough to be one of those men.