Sunday, February 6, 2011


The UFC this weekend gave us a display of martial arts perfection with the Anderson Silva KO of Vitor Belfort via a front kick to the face.

Silva has won 13 fights in the UFC more than anyone ever in the UFC. He has beaten the best possible fighters in his weight division in Franklin, Henderson and Sonnen, no offense to my buddy Tim. In the meantime he has to entertain himself and he does it by trying to perfect his martial arts effectiveness. Instead of going out there and throwing 1000 techniques he found a single technique to do the job. This is the pinnacle of martial arts and people forget this because they want to be entertained.

Can just anyone do this? No. He can though. He is going to go down as the greatest fighter in MMA. So he looked to do a one hitter quitter in Belfort. He accomplished a feat rarely seen in fighting. So instead of marveling at the accomplishment people are berating him for it and having Steven Segal hanging around.

Here is the best MMA fighter in the world hanging out with an aged movie star THAT WE ALL IDOLIZED. So he has the means and fame to hang out with Segal who cares. Segal was able to open a dojo in Japan that stayed open. He was a white man in an Asian country teaching martial arts. Now he goes hang out with the best MMA fighter and people are talking shit. Norris trains with the Machados and uses them on his TV show is there a difference?

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  1. I agree. People are bagging on Silva for his personality and now for not dragging out the fight. Over his last few fights they have been complaining that he was just toying with people. It seems as though he can't do anything right. He finishes fights too quickly, he finishes them too slowly, he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. Once he retires and people look back on his career they are going to marvel at the man's abilities. He dismantles people thought unstoppable, he toyed with some of the more feared people in his division. He made champs into chumps. The man deserves respect. I can't help but think he is entertained by all the controversy surrounding the Seagal thing, I know I am.