Monday, October 17, 2011

My secret weapon.

In my ongoing quest for martial arts knowledge I have been injured many many times. Just so you will know that I'm not BSing you let's run the list.

I have broken my hands, fingers, feet and toes multiple times and currently have a plate and 12 screws in my left hand.

I have undergone ACL replacements in both knees and most of the meniscus (I'm not going to look up the plural) is gone in both knees.

I have broken my ribs countless times
as well as pulled nearly every muscle in my body in some way shape or form.

I have had 2 major concussions. Which may explain some problems I have. (Bad joke I know).

The major injury that I have suffered was a broken back. Yes a broken back. My spine was compressed in an accident that broke the L5 vertebrae in my back into three pieces. Luckily nerves were not damaged but it took some time to recover. I also lost 3cm of height.

Over the years I've tried many many things to get some relief from the injuries. Chiropractors and acupuncture even yoga from a DVD were some the things I tried even massage therapy and that water massage thing they have in the mall.

I would go to medical doctors and get steroid packs (not anabolic) and anti-inflammatories and cortisone shots. I have also done enough physical therapy that I could get a job as an assistant.

So I say these things because I believe I have a good idea what has and hasn't worked for me.

So what is my secret weapon on the road to BJJ black belt?


Seriously this is the best form of body conditioning I have ever experienced. The instructor at Gladiators Academy, Blake Aillet, is not only a ninja at BJJ, he is a ninja at instructing Pilates.

Blake does an excellent job of formatting his classes to movements that enhance jiujitsu movement. The moves are sometimes very difficult to do because you are trying to maintain proper form.

I consider myself a pretty agile person with decent flexibility. After 25 years of martial arts I was pretty confident in that assumption. Wrong. Dead wrong.

Since doing Pilates I rarely have a limp now. My neck and shoulders are not sore all the time. My core body is stronger than it's ever been. I can pump out situps now like it's nothing.

For the BJJ guys, my core is so strong now all of my sweeps from guard are stronger. My transitions and movement are virtually effortless.

For the Judo guys, since my core strength went up when I hip check someone coming in for a throw they fly off my hip like they ran into a wall.

If you're at Gladiators Academy you're missing out on the best conditioning class we offer. If your reading this and not from Lafayette, LA then go find a Pilates class.

Try the class for three months. After that come back and tell me if you feel better or not. I feel like I've gained an inch of height back and my back is not sore all the time now.

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